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Music Videos Screen Captures

NEW!!! Some rare footage, including Billy's brief stint at modeling.

1995 - Sealed With A Kiss (Live at Hard Rock)
Generation X - Walking In The City and New Order
MTV Award Acceptance Clip from 1990 - 12 pictures and video download
1983* - 'Dancing With Myself' - 169 pictures
1988 - Sam Kinison's 'Wild Thing' - 121 pictures
1989 - The Who's 'Cousin Kevin' from Tommy - 205 pictures
1990* - 'L.A. Woman' - 211 pictures
1993* - 'Adam In Chains' - 201 pictures

More always coming...
Check out other pictures in the Extra section.

(These screen captures are on a different server than IDOL LINKS because of bandwidth limitations.)

To see these videos on the Internet, check out the Videos catagory of IDOL LINKS. To download them, try WinMX, Kazaa or other programs. You can also buy them at, ebay or other sites.

* the dates of the videos taken from Maverick's :neuromancer site