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Billy's last tour to Australia was in 2002. Check out Idolise for more, more, more!

There will be a new Idol fact posted every week or so, answers to the Idol Knowledge tests on Idolise. The facts so far refer to the first quiz...

As far as we know, Billy has only one tattoo on his left bicep. It is of Oktobriana, a cartoon icon who faught those opposed to real communism during the October Revolution in 1917. Billy had it done in L.A. while recording his first solo album, Billy Idol, in 1982. Read more on Idol Chic.

Billy's son, Willem Wolfe, was born on June 15th, 1988 and his daughter, Bonnie Blue, on August 21st, 1989. Follow the links for their pages on

The line "Blast me to heaven for loving you" is from Speed, the title song from the 1994 movie with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The music video shows both the band playing at a club and scenes from the movie. This was the first song Billy and Steve Stevens wrote and released together since those on the 1986 Whiplash Smile album. It would also be the last until the new millennium.

Billy's motorcycle accident happened the morning of February 6, 1990. He ran a stop sign on his Harley and hit a car. "Somebody came over and looked at me and said 'are you allright?' Yes... no you fool!" Dr. Moshein, the doctor in the emergency room, said, "he had this open wound on his [right] leg with the bone sticking out, he had a broken forearm [his left], couple of broken ribs, a broken clavicle." Billy went through 5 more surgeries over the next 6 weeks to save his leg.
"I just remember hearing the bang, and if you hear the bang, you're alive so, if you don't hear the bang, you're dead."
(taken from the Behind the Music episode)

William Michael Albert Broad was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England on November 30th 1955. As a child, he also lived in Long Island, NY, USA, then again in England in Dorking, Surrey.