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There will be a new Idol fact posted every week or so, answers to the Idol Knowledge tests on Idolise. The current fact reffers to the fourth question on the second quiz... Be sure to take them first!!!

Billy released the album Cyberpunk in 1993. Although considered a commercial failure, and resulting in more than a decade of silence from the artist, it is today considered to have been ahead of its time, even revolutionary, bringing music into the future by making use of computer technology like never before. Cyberpunk is the sci-fi genre pioneered by writer William Gibson in his 1984 novel Neuromancer, also the title of one Idol song on the album. Read more in the 'cyberpunk' section of Idol Links.
Past knowledge


January 4 - Photos from the Rocking Eve - page 1, page 2

December 30
- Idol is performing on ABC's New Year's Rocking Eve tomorrow, be sure to check it out. Articles about the special on relish, daily news,

December 6
- looks like there was a press release about the new album, with nearly the same article about it appearing everywhere: - Billy Idol Returns to Recording Studio (Dec. 7th, 2004) - Idol Plan 'Devilish' 2005 Return (Dec. 6th, 2004)

ChartAttack - Billy Idol Yells at Christmas Tree, Plays With Devil (Dec. 6th, 2004)

IGN Insider - Billy Idol Returns (Dec. 6th, 2004)

Rolling Stone - Idol Goes to the "Devil" (Dec. 6th, 2004)

Undercover - Billy Idol Has New Music (Dec. 7th, 2004)

WestCoastMusic - Billy Idol: Devil's Playground (Dec. 4th, 2004)

December 5 - Billy Idol to Release First CD 'Devil's Playground' Featuring New Music (Dec. 3rd, 2004) - (Nov. 14th, 2004) [history of the AMA's, on which Billy was a presenter this year, and mentions that Idol will be performing at Times Square for New Year's] - Music Notes (Nov. 11th, 2004) ["Billy Idol is finishing up his first studio album in a decade, called "World Comin' Down." It's expected early next year."]

November 22

Vital Idol - Check out this tribute band from Seattle.

August 21 - Music Notes (August 5, '04) [1994 Rocker Billy Idol was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital in critical condition following a drug overdose. He was released the following day.] -- Clear Channel Rivals Cry Foul Over Live Concert CDs (May 28, '04) [Idol uses DiscLive, one of Clear Channel's rivals]

RA - Review of a mix cd called Happiness, including 'Adam in Chains'.

August 2
- New Idol Knowledge, see above

ESPN -- Sweet (and sour) Stadium Songs (July 28, '04) [lists best & worst, Idol's 'Mony Mony' last song listed]

liveDaily -- Billy Idol Plots Concerts as Work Continues on New Album (July 27, '04) -- Billy Idol (July 16, '04) [short profile]

March 7

The Industry Standard --
A bit of news of Cyberpunk illustrator Mark Frauenfelder.

Mark Frauenfelder -- Cy
berpunk illustrator, check out his work.

March 1

GuitarSite -- A guitar that used to belong to Stevens is being sold.

February 12 -- Stevens performs, read about it here. Pictures from page 3 (bottom) and page 4 (top). Also browse the pages on WireImage.

February 8:
New Idol Knowledge, see above!

January 16

Tony Mott Photography -- Five photos of Idol. (Thanks to Idolise for link)

December 11

ZOOL -- This is a fan listing. Use the list of fans or join.

November 30: Happy 48th Birthday Billy!

November 16: New Idol Knowledge. Check above.

November 7 -- A complete discography.

Metropolis Records -- About Juno Reactor, a band that Stevens has collaborated with. Some of it appears on the Matrix: Reloaded soundtrack.

November 6 -- There are two Generation X songs on a 70's punk compilation album titled 'No Thanks'. Find out about it here and buy it, or read a review from CityPages.

New York Post -- Article: A Bold Jeweler Finds His Niche (Nov. 2, '03) Jewelry designer Gregg Wolf, who has designed for Idol.

Great Ring Tones -- Billy Idol ringtones

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